Liz is the mom of a Type I/II SMA angel. She is a project management and marketing consultant who lives in Southern California with her husband, Jim, and their 2 unaffected children (ages 10 and 18) and 3 dogs. She is a Chapter Leader for a Southern California chapter of an SMA advocacy organization and Team Manager for her youngest son's basketball team. When she is not working or volunteering, she enjoys Pilates, writing, cooking, and traveling with her family.

"Fill your heart with magical moments and they will
last forever."

Posts by Liz

Disaster preparedness: how to thrive

I like to think that between my husband and I, we have already experienced our fair share of earthquakes after Northridge and Loma Prieta. Unfortunately, we all know the saying “three’s a charm,” and living in South California comes with its tradeoffs. For all our sunshine, warm weather, and beaches, we face the constant threat of earthquakes, fires, and floods.

The secret to a good night’s sleep

Everyone has something that keeps them up at night. For me, it was the sheer terror of another excruciating, lengthy hospital stay in the ICU an hour away from our home. Every time Skylar landed in the hospital, my husband, Jim, and I would take shifts by Skylar’s bedside.

A beacon of light

I can still see his cerulean eyes sparkling with excitement, “Tur-tal! A-gan, Mama! A-gan!” beseeching me for the hundredth time that hour on his singing toe-tapping turtle. I was unaware that the turtle’s words, “Crazy ‘bout you baby,” foreshadowed the days ahead.